API Documentation

Use the API to retrieve information about any email address and seamlessly integrate it into your product using one of our many SDKs or other pre-built integrations.

Getting started

To get started, you have to register an API key here. Then, follow our quickstart guide or continue reading our documentation and integrate numlookupapi, using our HTTP API and dedicated client SDKs. Ultimately, upgrade your plan to access all data & endpoints.



Developer experience matters to us. Integrate numlookupapi using one of our pre-built integrations.

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Learn how to authenticate with our API using HTTP headers or GET parameters.

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Rate Limit & Quotas

Understand which endpoints count towards your monthly request quota and impact your rate limit.

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Request Status Codes

Read about the different success & error status codes returned by the API.

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API Status

Learn how to programatically retrieve your API quota and check whether the API is up.

Phone Number Validation & Verification

Learn how to retrieve information about any phone number.